Changing the Status Quo

   So have you ever looked at a convention line up and thought gee, I only see the same guests at each and every convention? Have you ever wondered why? Well here is the thing, if no one ever mentions people other than those few big names within a certain scene you will never see anyone different. As potential customers for a convention it is up to you to actually mention who you would like to see. Without that input you will only ever see those few big names repeated over and over outside of the rare convention that makes a point of bringing in other guests. There is only one convention I know of that actually does that. I've seen people leave steampunk saying that there is no room for anyone new. That there are a few people who hold all the power and won't share it with anyone else. However, it comes down to the people who are fans of steampunk speaking up if they want something different or more variety. This is also true generally, in anything if you want the status quo to change then you have to speak up and take an active role. Silence is a vote for the status quo.